About us

Cheaper, cleaner, greener - the reasons why we are passionate about providing EV technology for homes and businesses.

We are proud to be leading innovators in the shift towards lower carbon emissions, better air quality and greater energy security in WA.

EVchargeWA is a collaboration of qualified industry experts creating a dynamic service in WAs renewable energy sector.

"With the aim to bridge the gap between end users and manufacturers in bringing quality and value charging system to our clients. With our knowledge of the industry we can deliver and manage single home charge installations up to multiple site projects."

Brent Smith - Manager

Brent Smith


Brent smith is an experienced building contractor. He has been in the industry for 16 years making his knowledge on home installation an integral part of our network.

Along with building and construction, Brent has been a keen advocate for the rollout of renewable energy sources and has researched the sector closely through investment and personal interest.

This provides a comprehensive awareness of skills and attributes needed in this sector.

Simon Sparkes

Licensed Electrician

Simon Sparkes from Sparkesie's Electrical is a licensed; insured electrician and has 15 years' experience completing residential and commercial electrical work all over Perth.

His mission is to provide outstanding customer service with extremely high standards.

Simon has accreditation as a home charge station installation expert making him a vital asset to Western Australians needing this service.

Tristan MacPherson


Tristan MacPherson has been working in the Electronics and Robotics industry for over 10 years. Tris has also traveled globally installing and maintaining automated equipment.

With a background that covers research and development, manufacturing and maintenance, Tris has gained a wealth of knowledge with all things automation.

Tris is motivated and committed to providing the best possible service and product to every EVCharge WA customer.