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Wed 29 July 2020

Apartment complexes with EV charging

Most EV owners get their charging done at home, overnight. They plug in when they get home, and the next morning the car is fully charged and ready to go.

However, it can be difficult to charge up for those who live in multi-unit residences (e.g. strata and apartment complexes). Even though a regular wall outlet is usually sufficient, the residence complex management may balk at EV owners plugging into those outlets, usually because they are simply paranoid about it causing problems and running extension leads can be messy and dangerous.

Increasingly, multi-unit residential complexes are offering EV charging as an amenity to their customers. We need to help those people looking for such complexes. We plan to update this article with all the apartment buildings in Perth and around WA that offer EV charging.

If you manage such a complex, and have EV charging stations installed make sure your advertise this. Put it in the list of amenities on your website and in your brochures. You can get in touch with EVchargeWA and we can put you on the list below.

If you don't offer EV charging but would like to, get in touch with EVchargeWA to get a charge station installed.

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