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Mon 25 January 2021

Electric car incentives for West Australians

Most Australian states offer some form of electric car incentives for buyers. Compared globally, the incentives available to Australians are small at best. We note critics of the EV say we already have incentives in Australia – by avoiding fuel excise, a significant portion of which goes towards roads.

Looking outside of WA to see what our other states are doing, we can find when buying an electric Hyundai Ioniq at $49,000, a customer in the ACT will save approximately $1,535 versus a vehicle with a conventional petrol engine at the same price. This is due to a 20 per cent discount on registration and not having to pay stamp duty for electric vehicles.

Victoria exempts electric cars from the “luxury vehicle” rate of stamp duty plus an annual discount of $100 on electric vehicle registration. Although not an incentive, the NSW Government will triple its purchasing of electric cars and hybrid vehicles to around 900 a year. They also plan to incentivise fleet owners to purchase EVs.

What EV incentives can we find in Western Australia?

Electricity cost savings by charging your electric car off-peak as part of the Synergy Electric Vehicle Home Plan trial

-Receive $200 (excl GST) EV Home Plan Incentive for the first year

-Receive 60 free kilometres per month

The Synergy EV Home Plan is a time of use tariff, which means the consumption or usage rate you pay is based on the time of day you use the electricity. There are 2 time bands that apply all year round.

Smart Home Plan Off- EV off peak (11pm to 4am) - Save by shifting the time you charge your EV to during this period.

Smart Home Plan On-Standard home (4am to 11pm) - Equivalent to the Synergy A1 Home Plan (A1) tariff. 

Find out more here.

You can also save if you drive a Taxi, Uber, Charter vehicles or the like. In Western Australia, electric cars are exempt from the 10% on-demand transport levy. 

The Levy applies to the bookings for all on-demand trips in vehicles that seat 12 or less people (including the driver) and that start and finish in the Perth, Mandurah or Murray areas.

The Levy will be 10% of the levy fare for these trips, to a maximum of $10 per trip. It will be collected from booking services including taxi dispatch services, ridesourcing and charter vehicle companies. It is expected the Levy will apply for four years or until the buyback of the Perth metropolitan taxi plates is complete. Find out more via the government fact sheet here.

Where to from here?

Its positive to note 50% of Australians would support shifting all sales of new cars to electric vehicles by 2025, according to polling by the Australia Institute.[155] This included 52% of Western Australians supporting a shift of all sales of new cars to electric vehicles by 2025, which was the highest support of all the states

We believe that following in our innovative neighbours footprints could be productive. New Zealand introduced a clean car "feebate" in July 2019 where a discount of $8,000 NZD ($7,700 AUD) is offered towards the purchase of a new electric car. They have also mandated that all government agencies must only purchase electric vehicles. It is in Australia's interests to reduce emissions and transport is one of the key aspects but only serious incentives will bring on board electric vehicles.   

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