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Mon 12 October 2020

Here are 5 benefits of having EV chargepoints at your hotel, short stay, restaurant, sporting club or supermarket.

So, how can installing electric vehicle chargepoints attract more customers to my business and increase revenue?

With the charging infrastructure across Perth and Western Australia being insufficient, installing a chargepoint is an innovative way to increase traffic to your business or accommodation. 

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Here are 5 benefits of having EV chargepoints at your hotel, short-stay, restaurant, bar, sporting club or supermarket.

1. Increase your hotel’s visibility

Booking websites such as booking.com, hotels.com and kayak.com have recently added an electric vehicle charging filter as they've seen in huge increase in search trends.

Additionally, having EV chargepoints at your hotel's put yourself on new maps with a very engaged community of electric vehicle drivers. There are popular EV maps showing EV chargepoint availability across Western Australia such as rac.com.au, plugshare.com and parkable.com

2. Add value to your hotel by promoting innovative, clean energy.

Electricity production is our #1 source of greenhouse gases, more than all of our driving and flying combined, and clean energy also reduces harmful smog, toxic buildups in our air and water

In the present environmental and political climate, all businesses are under pressure to increase their efforts to know their carbon footprint and, in turn, reduce their environmental impact.

3. Attract a new target market

The EV drivers of today still fall under the early adopter category and will for the next few years, especially in WA. These drivers are considered as the ‘conscious consumer’ who will choose a green and eco-friendly service over a non-eco-friendly service. Make sure you don’t miss out on this highly engaged and affluent audience. (See below...)

4. Electric vehicle drivers are considered as ‘high-value guests’

It is mainly high-income and well-educated consumers that are choosing to go electric. Attracting more affluent guests has a knock on impact on other services you provide at your hotel, including restaurants, spas, bars, activities and golf club.

5. Monetise from EV charging tariffs

You have the option to set tariffs on a per hour or per kWh basis, although we usually don’t recommend doing so because the chargepoint acts as an attractor to your hotel. However, you have the ability to set the tariff which works for you, whether that’s none at all or for guests just visiting the hotel cafe, bar or restaurant.

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Credit: PodPoint

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