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EVNEX - R22 Charge Point

22 kw Charge point 32A (3 phase).

Three phase, compatible with all electric vehicles. Fast, connected and intelligent.

Designed in New Zealand.


Home, Business, Public parking, Apartments and Fleet.


  1. Approximately 120km per hour charging speed.
  2. Available with a Universal Socket or Tethered (attached) Type 2 connector.
  3. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.
  4. User friendly mobile app control for IOS/Android.
  5. Industry leading 3-year warranty.
  6. Indoor/Outdoor installation.
  7. Charges 10x faster than your standard power point charging.

EVNEX Quick Start Guide

Evnex-R Series Datasheet

Evnex-R Series Manual

Price: $2,210.00